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Recovery Orient Yourself is a website devoted to helping publicly highlight the recovery movements in Addictions and Mental Health. It is the goal of the project and products to establish a recognizable insignia that will promote the public awareness, understanding and recognition that Recovery Works.

Breast Cancer has the pink ribbon as a reminder and promotion of the treatment, diagnosis, prevention and recovery of breast cancer.

MADD has the red ribbon for promoting the reduction of drunk driving and underage drug and alcohol use.

We are all aware of the Easter Seals logo, the American Cancer Society logo and the logo's of many commercial products. These logos, insignias, trade or service marks over time become a part of our collective conscience. To date Addictions and Mental Health recovery movements have not established a consistent and widely recognized logo. In fact, the Addictions and Mental Health communities have largely remained separated by a variety of stigma, funding, turf, resource, training, education, fear, legal, political and theory issues. One goal of Recovery Orient Yourself is to further bridge these separations, and issues to promote the whole of the recovery movement.

The point is to get the copyrighted insignia out into the public, develop a recognition of the number of people that do support the M.H. and Addictions Recovery movement and from there use the recognition to challenge each recovery supporter to proudly show their support and challenge, in a productive fashion, for others to learn more about the M.H. and addiction recovery movement and transformation.

Our products are designed to be affordable, attractive and to promote "brand recognition" not as individual recovery support organizations but as a whole recovery community. Individual recovery support organizations are encouraged to join the Recovery Orient Yourself program and incorporate the insignia along with their own insignia in order to validate support, in general, for the whole of the Addictions and Mental Health recovery community.

Let's bring it together

People with alcohol dependence issues have been practicing the art of recovery for the better part of sixty years. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is the most widely known and the model program for a huge number of similar mutual support groups that have borrowed from the AA background and experience.

In the most recent period of professional Addiction Treatment the buzz words for the recovery movement is ROSC (Recovery Oriented Systems of Care).

While the Professional Mental Health providers and advocates have been discussing "Mental Health Transformation" espically since the 2003 Presidents Commission on Mental Health Report. In both of these professional arena's the basic goals of the recovery orientation are the same. The difference is mostly in language. We (the members of Recovery Orient Yourself) need to come to the forefront and ask the two professional communities to simply agree on a language and use that language interchangeably


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National Recovery Month
  • Individual in recovery (or seeking) are able to use the variety of links to find support groups, information, resources and join a recovery based social network. We have articles, information and lots of links for exploring.

  • Family and Friends of a person who is in or seeking Mental Health or Addiction recovery will find the same types of information and opportunities with the ability to join family and friend based social network sites here or through links.

  • Recovery Organizations can join as a partner and receive the best deals on R.O.Y. logo items to use for fundraising or public awareness programs. Or utilize the assorted content available to promote the awareness of the recovery movement.

  • For Professionals we will have specific section to assist in learning and finding more information about Addiction and Mental Health Recovery.

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